Site went down, but it’s back

This site went down for a few days due to a common AWS micro instance issue — out of memory and mysqld got killed.

So I went in and tweaked some apache settings … also upgraded to apache 2.4+php 5.4… for maybe slightly lower memory usage…

hope it won’t go down again that soon


— just tried nginx, :( got it running and doing phpinfo() correctly but takes too long to manually setup all these rewriting stuff for wordpress…… maybe I’ll try that again some time


…. down again, added swap partition…..

Same old site, Lightning fast

Finally got the time to migrate my site from crappy shared hosting to AWS,

It’s now on Amazon Linux (CentOS) with basic AMP (mod_php) stack — php php-mysql mysql-server — I’m no nginx guru and mod_fcgid gives me headache…

so I just got APC caching — php-pecl-apc — which is already much faster than file based caching — and of course with W3 Total Cache :)

and mod_pagespeed binary from google helps a little as well

Site speed should be much faster now, and I haven’t even looked at this long list yet


“Git”ing my plugins

update 9/8/2012: done :) 

WOW Recruitment Widget was updated to 1.4.1 around 3 months ago, which included the Monk update and bigger icons,
just update from your wordpress plugins panel if you haven’t :)
Latest release note is updated on the Extension gallery page. Please give a 5 star and favorite if you like this plugin.

I’m converting WOW Recruitment Widget and WOW Server Status Widget to Git, then push to Github (although I love Google, Github seems easier for you fellas to fork)

so I can track issues better and you guys can fork it for other games much easier :), also prepare for major code changes, SVN just won’t cut it if you want to do branches properly.

Why now?
just because.

Why Git?
because cool kids use Git (it rhymes!), although I uses Mercurial at work, really just want to try out Git, lol.

When will it be there?
it takes ages to grab both projects from over 500k checkins in wordpress plugin repo, it will take some time, blame wordpress for why still use SVN.